Our mission is Your success ⇒ Your success depends on how You get things done. ⇒ Communication skills are essential in convincing people. The good news is that You can improve Your communication skills... and we can help.


Why Great Plain?

Plain Language is communication your audience can understand. Quickly, easily and completely.  Plain language uses

  • clear structure,
  • common words,
  • short sentences and
  • many lists, figures, tablets, maps that help understand what you want to communicate.

The history of plain language goes back to the end of the 19th century, when scholars found that official English language, in short, will follow the forms of the standard spoken English from which it comes. 

Later they found that people tend to read, listen and watch what they understand easier. People simple avoid what they do not understand.

President Barack Obama signed the Plain Writing Act of 2010, which required federal executive agencies to put all documents into plain language.

Plain language instructions are better understood, easier to use, and more economical.

Plain language has no great tradition in Hungary. In fact, official language and business talk is hard to understand in the country.

If you want to communicate your audience understand, then look at the map of Hungary! In the middle of it you can find with capital letters: GREAT PLAIN.

Who we are?

Experts in communication and management.

With television, radio and new media background.

Experienced trainers who helped business leaders and government officials improving their communication.

With unique training and educational materials.

Team builders who helped organizations finding ways of success.

While having fun :)


Tibor Bognár


Earned his first Master Degree in the field of Economics. Studied communications management in the United States and got another Masters from John Carroll University.

Earlier worked as television reporter, editor, radio host, online project manager and the Creative Production Manager of HBO.

Later served as senior advisor, director and the Head of the General Director's Cabinet Office at MTVA (Media Service Support and Assets Management Fund, the central organization of Hungarian public service media system.) 

Among others, he developed educational materials for the National University of Public Service, where he helped government officials to strengthen their communication skills.

Contact: +36 30 991 7275